CGTN Travelogue Show Package

Our tailor-made suitcase is the true travel companion

A suitcase is the tour guide of CGTN’s flagship travel show. The suitcase helps, not only in finding the most beautiful destinations, furthermore it is extremely convertible and adapts to any travel situation - always perfectly dressed!

From Hipster to Gaga: wherever we travel - we do it in style

Suitcase on tour


The suitcase carries all our personal items when traveling. In this concept we take a suitcase on a vibrant journey. In a seamless flow, the suitcase transforms into different items, all related to personal travel experiences; a camera, a sketchbook, a diary, and a personal assistant . At the end the suitcase is shown covered in holiday stickers - testimonials of our journeys.

Have a nice trip!

Client: CGTN, China Global Television Network • Agency: Flint Skallen / Stefan Mueller • Created and produced by Perfect Accident • Creative Team: Martin Kett, Katharina Alesik, Patrick Becher • Music: Stephen Arnold Music